<transcy>SAMEBIKE Citylife</transcy>
<transcy>SAMEBIKE Citylife</transcy>
<transcy>SAMEBIKE Citylife</transcy>
<transcy>SAMEBIKE Citylife</transcy>
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The SAMEBIKE Citylife is a bicycle with triple function, pure electric, pedal-assisted or combined, with fat tires designed for all terrains, with very high stability on the road and when cornering!
This bicycle stands out and expresses all its strength, usefulness and beauty in the city!
Although it does not have rear shock absorbers, its single-axle structure that rests on the front shock absorbers and its fat tires give balanced cushioning, between comfort, stability on the road, and lightness!
Because it fully exploits the benefit of total cushioning using only the two front shock absorbers.
Getting on this bike gives a unique feeling of strength and power, given by a very powerful 500W high torque motor with permanent neodymium magnets, and this despite the fat tires, so as to make the most of the benefit of these special tires between stability on road, cornering and braking and let the engine struggle to deal with everything else.

Compatible with regulations on Swiss E-bikes such as " Slow electric bicycle ".


LOTDM200 Citylife
Frame Type
20 "single-axle folding, fat
Frame material Aviation aluminum alloy 6061
Handlebar material Aviation aluminum alloy 6061
Spoked circle YES
Magnesium alloy wheels NO
Circles diameter 20 "/ 50.8cm
Tires CHAOYANG 20 "* 4.0 Tube Type
Pedals Aluminum alloy and PVC, foldable
Fenders aluminium alloy
Front suspension Double adjustable suspension with locking possibility
Rear suspension NO
Disc mechanics
Adjustable saddle
Adjustable handlebar YES
Exchange 7-speed SHIMANO
Battery Lithium Ion ** 13s4p 48.1V / 10.4Ah 500W
High Discharge C Rate
Removable battery YES, double key supplied for safety lock inside the frame
Rechargeable battery separately YES
Brushless motor 500W high torque with permanent neodymium magnets
Driving mode
Pedaling / Assisted pedaling / Accelerator / Combined
Pedaling sensor Dynamic variable speed based on speed and pedaling
EU / US speed 25Km / h / 32Km / h
192 cm x 113 cm
Folded size
118 cm x 103 cm
Bicycle weight without battery 24 Kg
Battery weight 2.95 kg
Pure electric *
~ 30 KM
Pedal assistance * ~ 60 KM
Maximum recommended slope ***
Pure electric *** ~ 20 °
Pedal assistance *** ~ 25 °
Charging time
~ 4h
Battery charger
Input 110v-230v maximum output 54.6v 2A
Maximum recommended load ≤ 150 Kg
USB port YES Fast Charge
Cell Phone Holder YES
Front light LED
Rear light Reflector
Multifunction Display
All customizable functions
Maximum speed lock / unlock
Levels of assistance, soft and hard start etc ...
Download the instruction manual from the appropriate sheet above
Type of throttle With knob with the possibility of disabling
Degree of water resistance IP64 ****
Certificates CE / UNI EN 15194 certificate of conformity

* Tests carried out with a load of 70kg at the pressure indicated on the tires with a temperature of 27 ° on a road without a slope with a constant speed of 15km / h and without stopping.

** Battery with water resistant circuit, protected with built-in BMS that checks and balances the cells while charging, protects against overcharging, overcurrent, over discharge, temperature, short circuit and detects errors with safety disable.
Warning! Scootech is not responsible for damage caused by non-original chargers.

*** With a load of 70kg at the pressure indicated on the tires with a temperature of 27 °.
NB: The bicycle is capable of climbing greater or equal slopes with greater loads but it is recommended to avoid straining the battery for long climbs or with greater loads to obtain a longer duration of total life cycles and better performance over time.

**** IP64: Protected from splashes with an oscillating tube (Test duration: 10 minutes with spray nozzle with shield removed)

NB: The declared motor power concerns the electrical absorption and is not correlated in any way with the rated power, even if they have the same unit of "watt"
Attention, if you want to store the bicycle without use for long periods it is advisable to remove the battery to prevent the alarm system from consuming excessively the battery, ruining it!


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